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With modern art, well-placed picture lights are a must, or the painting will fall flat. Many people confuse this period with contemporary art, assuming it consists of extremely bold colors and bold patterns.

However, what these paintings are known for is their incredible technique, and every piece contains hundreds of subtle touches and gradations. Because they contain many fine touches, they need powerful and precisely aimed fixtures to showcase them properly.

Choosing The Best Option Of Modern Art Picture Lights

Even though it has been around for a while, halogen illumination is still considered the best option when setting up modern art picture lights. The reason being that it displays colors better than any other source of light, though incandescent and LED fixtures can each perform well in some situations. LED fixtures, in particular, are considered the future of art illumination, as they produce close to zero heat and UV radiation, both of which can cause damage to the painting.

For now, LED is used in most surface mount projectors and recessed art light fixtures. LED is used in Phantom’s optical framing projectors, all of which have optional filters to shift kelvin colors from the standard 3000K light engine. Phantom’s projectors install inside the ceiling and are nearly completely concealed, only requiring a small aperture to fire a beam through. What sets Phantom’s projectors apart are their ability to shape the illumination to the subject, creating a stark level of contrast between the painting and the wall it is mounted to. This will instantly make the artwork the focal point of the room.

Optical projectors have advantages over halogen art lighting sources. We invite you to contact us for additional information at 1-800-863-1184.

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