Contour Lighting Projectors

Contour Lighting Projectors are today’s most advanced lighting choice when it comes to illuminating fine masterpieces with precision and control.

These contour lighting projectors are state-of-the-art framing projectors the inherent beauty of paintings and sculptures with a brilliance and radiance never seen before, producing the so-called “lighted from within effect.”

Contour lighting projectors exceptional features a focused light beam that captures the silhouette of the art object and crisply defines its outline. The illumination is achieved through a powerful LED light engine that works alone (for a vivid brightness) or in concert with a dimmer (for a more subtle glimmer).

Check out our image gallery to see first hand that great lighting is science disguised as magic!

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Contour lighting projectors deflect harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays and are therefore safe to illuminate prized art of practically any medium, including oil and water colors, acrylics, plaster and more. This suitability for a diverse range of materials is a significant advantage over natural sun exposure, which tends to fade colors and textiles over time. Projector luminance is also superior to fluorescent or halogen fixtures, which actually generate potentially harmful UV rays that can damage sensitive materials. Fluorescent illumination, like its incandescent counterpart, is also known for its mediocre rendering of colors.

Projectors are highly versatile and available in a range of designs, making them a perfect choice that fits within the technical parameters of just about any circumstance. Almost all versions are recessed into the ceiling and feature a near-flat cover plate that can be camouflaged with paint so as not to disturb the integrity of the ceiling. Each type necessitates apertures of minimal diameter.  Some models require attic access for proper installation, while others can be mounted from below. Most fixtures of this type are relatively easy to install, but the guidance and/or installation by professionals is recommended for the illumination of three-dimensional art pieces.

LED Contour Lighting Projectors & IC Rated Housings

Phantom Contour lighting projectors feature all of the optical characteristics of the world’s best lighting when it comes to illuminating fine art. Our patented LED contour lighting projectors are discrete, high performance, flexible and designed to showcase art and sculptures of any size or shape. Interior designers, art collectors and lighting professionals all turn to Phantom LED art lighting technology when traditional lighting methods don’t fit the requirements or the project requires the very best.

With four low-profile recessed housings and a sleek contemporary surface mount option, Phantom LED Contour lighting projectors are designed to fit seamlessly into any residential or commercial setting. They contain a proprietary variable optical system that allows focused light to be shaped into a pattern that only illuminates the artwork, not the surrounding wall. This allows friends, family and guests to see the art in a new light – one that enhances color, reveals hidden details and provides a unique visual perspective in art appreciation. Some have called this art lighting phenomenon extraordinary or outstanding; we simply call it the Contour Projector!

Float Finish Housing

Phantom FF Series low profile square housing is IP Rated and engineered for art lighting applications that require a zero sight line ceiling appearance. The unique two-part cover plate is designed to overlap ceiling material providing a smooth surface while a removable center panel with oval slot and custom glare shield provides easy access and maximum concealment.

New Construction Housing

Phantom NC Series low profile square housing is IP Rated and engineered for the most challenging of mounting conditions using supplied fixture bars designed for any rafter spacing up to 24” and will fit in 2” x 10” framing. The removable cover plate with oval slot and custom glare shield provides easy access from below and maximum concealment of any of our contour lighting projectors.

Remodel Housing

Phantom RM Series low profile square housing is IP Rated and engineered for applications that require installation into an existing ceiling without damage to the ceiling. Custom mounting clips allow for ceiling thickness up to 2” and work well with drywall, wood, or plaster. The removable cover plate with oval slot and custom glare shield provides easy access from below and maximum concealment of the light source.

Surface Mount Canopy

Phantom SM Series surface mount projector with round canopy is designed to easily attach to any 3/0 box or 4/0 box and comes with a universal bracket and mounting screws. Both the LED and fan drivers are mounted inside the canopy for easy connections. Standard canopy is round with optional square canopy available if desired.

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Las Vegas Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Tucson Arizona, Long Beach California, Atlanta Georgia, and Los Angeles California.

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