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HOT_Light-740044Before investing in cordless picture lighting, it is necessary to obtain a sound understanding of how the different types of picture lights operate and what specific advantages they offer the home and commercial decorator.

Because they are either battery operated or install in the ceiling, there is no wiring to conceal. There are also literally thousands of different cordless battery powered picture lights to choose from, a good number of which are very affordable and ideal for smaller households on a budget.

Battery Powered Cordless Lights

Battery powered picture frame lighting fixtures work well for illuminating prints and photographs when high performance is not an issue. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and do not require a technician to install. Most major lighting manufacturers make them, so one can have name brand equipment at an affordable price point.

Battery powered cordless units are ideal for art lighting any type of print or photograph housed in non glass panel frame. They are also ideal for smaller pictures and fit conveniently over the top of the frame, becoming almost a part of the picture themselves.

Recessed Ceiling Lights

Recessed lights are technically categorized as cordless picture lights because they wire directly into the home or office electrical system as opposed to operating from a power outlet or a battery.

A professional electrician must install these fixtures, and the installer will have to cut into your ceiling to fit them.

If this is affordable and acceptable to you, recessed picture lights will make an ideal source of illumination for larger works of art that require a special spotlight. Multiple unites can be used to light entire collections of prints, photographs, or paintings along an entire wall.

Recessed picture lights can either be low voltage or high voltage, depending on your budget for power costs and the need for lighting intensity.

Low voltage lighting tend to feature pinhole apertures that produce minimal glare. They work very well for any collection where glass panes cover the artwork.

Incandescent bulbs produce a white light that is ideal for illuminating black and white photography. For color photographs, low voltage halogen lighting produce a low wattage, high intensity light with superior color rendering capabilities.

Normally, a lighting company licensed to install recessed lighting also consults with either a lighting design company or certifies its electricians in lighting design. If you have questions about which lights will work best with your collection, your installers should be able to give you sound, professional recommendations on the best fixtures to use or contact a artwork lighting expert.

Fine Art Projectors

When it comes to lighting fine oils on canvas, we really recommend you consider higher price points and more sophisticated technology than battery powered and recessed cordless picture lights. This is because fine art tends to be very delicate and requires light that is completely free of ultraviolet radiation and infrared heat. To ensure the integrity of your art, and to give an original piece the proper spotlight it deserves, consider the benefits of picture lighting with a ceiling-mounted, Phantom Contour Projector.

These proprietary projectors utilize a complex system of lenses and filters to strip the light beam of harmful wavelengths. Like recessed lights, they install above the line of sight into the ceiling of a room.

Click here to read about recessed lighting projectors that are designed for remodel projector applications or replacing an existing accent light without having to patch or paint the ceiling.

Phantom Linear Strip Lights

Perhaps the most innovative way for lighting small pictures like cordless fixtures inside cabinets is by using a linear cabinet lighting fixture.

Phantom linear lighting strips fit directly onto display cabinet shelves and use existing metal shelf standards instead of traditional wiring to conduct electricity. Their low profile position makes them almost impossible for the casual viewer to see, and they can be fitted with incandescent, xenon, and LED bulbs to accommodate any level of lighting and special effects your artwork requires.

Both Phantom Projectors and Linear LED Strip Lights are energy efficient and can be used throughout the night at minimal expense to one’s electrical bill. They are also dimmable, so you can accrue additional savings on power costs by turning the lighting levels down during events or when visitors are either absent or asleep.

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