The Phantom TL light series under the cabinet lighting fixtures are an exceptional source of countertop light for any task needing to be performed in the kitchen. We aim to provide the architect, the builder, and the lighting designer with complete freedom of choice when it comes to countertop light.

Each counter top fixture is custom cut to match the precise dimensions of a cabinet under surface. Due to their impeccable engineering, Phantom under cabinet lighting fixtures can also perform important aesthetic functions beyond their obviously practical purpose.


Phantom countertop kitchen lights are dimmable, and they are better able to evenly distribute illumination across counter top surfaces than are standard under cabinet lights. Color temperature options range from the warm LED 2800K up to the cool 5000K in LED, xenon, or incandescent choices. Lamping options range from the traditional incandescent and decorative xenon, to a revolutionary, patented LED festoon lamp that has been engineered to carefully approximate the color temperature and decorative appearance of xenon.

We cannot stress enough the importance of countertop lighting solutions. The kitchen counter is quite possibly the most important surface area in the entire room. Food is prepared here, and many cooking tools and appliances are also showcased here. It is absolutely necessary that we properly illuminate the countertop so that any person who enters the kitchen can clearly see variances in colors and safely handle utensils such as knives. A good many lighting manufacturers advertise all types of fixtures that to give the best and cheapest source of counter top light. Most of these fixtures are energy saving fluorescents that have been designed specifically for the do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement hobbyist. These lights are fine for the smaller kitchens we normally find in homes, hotels, and apartments. In the more sophisticated domain of custom in kitchen cabinet lighting, however, a more contemporary and chic quality of countertop light is required.

This is because of many reasons. To begin with, larger homes have larger kitchens simply because of design proportions. If each room in the home is larger than its equivalent in a much smaller house, then common sense tells us that the kitchen is also going to be larger. A larger kitchen will have considerably more countertop surface area, and light from generic fixtures will not adequately light its entirety. Shadows will still show up beneath cabinet corners and along the corner of the backsplash. If the light is not positioned correctly, or if it has too wide a beam angle (as most retail under cabinet lights do), then it will cast reflective glare back into the eyes of the person working in the kitchen.

There are other considerations that must be taken into account when you choose and undercabinet 12 volt light fixture for a high-end kitchen. Every kitchen countertop in a custom home will be much more than a functional work area. It will be a work of ornamentation in its own right, often crafted from the finest cuts of marble and granite. Both the type of lamps used, and the color temperatures of the lamps themselves, must be carefully chosen in order to match the countertop colors and designs. Otherwise, the multi-dimensional elements of marble and granite often will look as though they have been flattened out beneath the light. Custom stone work also requires illumination that is carefully angled so it will direct reflected light away from the eyes. Ideally too, it will be adjustable to match surrounding general room lighting. This prevents the counter top surface under the cabinet light fixtures from appearing too dark or too light in relation to the rest of the counter. It also makes the room look bigger and much more vibrant for events like cooking parties and family dinners where the kitchen functions as the hub of gathering and entertainment.

When all of these factors are considerate together, architects and builders freely admit that the best source of countertop light installation in a custom kitchens is the TL series Phantom strip light. With special glare shields that shine the light at an angle across the countertop toward the back splash, forward-mounted Phantom fixtures direct light away from sensitive eyes. This better illuminates the intricacies of the rich colors and patterns of stonework. Precision lighting control is also available through our technology through dimmers that allow luminance to be set to levels appropriate to any occasion.

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