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Cove Lighting Experts

There are some established ideas for designing cove lighting in kitchens, and experienced cove lighting experts can provide a unique, sophisticated look without having to do much work in the space. It just so happens that these rooms offer a lot of spots to set up a run of LED strips, and they can even be placed under cabinets and above countertops, adding functionality as well as aesthetics to the room. In most cases, though, an installer will choose to place the strips near the ceiling, either on top of cabinets, molding, or soffits.

The shape of the room will dictate how the fixtures are placed and metered. Phantom, for example, offers several trim options that can change up the angle at which the fixtures emit, and this can be used to illuminate tough corners or curves. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra cove lighting systems are available in both lensed and shielded trim profiles, which allows for even more customization in terms of final lighting design. Most kitchens have linear architectural elements, but select Phantom trims may be field cut or notched to achieve a radius or irregular shape if needed.

When designing cove lighting in kitchens, the most important consideration is the color and shape of the room. Kitchens usually have distinct color schemes that can play well with fixtures that are configured to the scheme. For example, the room might be filled with blues, greens and other cooler colors. These colors may be represented in the backsplash, the flooring, and in decorations spread throughout the space.cove lighting experts

With fixtures configured on the cooler side, they can enhance the color scheme in the room and make the space feel more vivid and better put together. The same can be said about employing a warmer light in a kitchen with more reds, yellows, and neutrals. Our Elite and Ultra cove lighting systems are available in a variety of LED color temperatures that can complement any kitchen’s design scheme, warm or cool.

For many families, the kitchen is the most important and with some smart additions, such as decorative fixtures and properly installed cove lighting, it can bring people together more than it already does and brighten the overall mood!

Phantom Lighting cove lighting experts have the tools and the know how to design and specify indirect cove lighting using incandescent, xenon and LED lighting products.  All of our cove lighting systems are designed by our cove lighting experts and custom fabricated to your exact dimensions and packages include all the necessary wiring and drivers for a successful installation.

The Phantom Lighting team will design a customized cove lighting solution for you that enhances your architecture and hides the hardware. Our commitment to exceptional service means that you have a team of experts by your side before, during and after your project. We invite you to request a quote or contact our cove lighting experts at 800-863-1184.