Crystal displays, with their transparency and interesting optical properties, make for an interesting set of subjects to show off. Transparent items can’t be lit up like other subjects because they don’t stop the light. Because of this, fixture placement is paramount.

Lighting intensity and color are also essential, but without optimal light placement the setup will look haphazard and chaotic. Of course, getting the right setup is a challenge of its own, and why it’s a good idea to choose high quality fixtures like Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED lights.


Soft light is usually the right approach when setting up crystal displays, as this will minimize glare and produce a beautiful effect. Specifically, Phantom’s LED lights can be installed behind or under the subject and set at a gentle output level. This not only blocks the fixtures themselves from view, it fills the subject with diffuse illumination that makes the piece appear to be glowing. This effect is particularly powerful when the subject is mounted to a pedestal, as the light is confined to spot away from the wall or ceiling and further emphasizes that the subject is glowing.

And with colored lighting, it’s possible to craft a variety of looks and build an atmosphere around the installation. Fortunately, Phantom’s lights can be customized to output colored illumination as well, which is just one of many ways Phantom can tailor a set of fixtures to a design.