Unique cabinet lighting can take any display, whether muted or vibrant, and make it the focus of a room. People are naturally drawn to illumination, and high end fixtures are designed to take advantage of this. With their impressive intensity, consistency, and color, premium fixtures are ideal for catching peoples’ attention and holding it.

Among Phantom’s products, the Elite and Ultra LED strip fixtures are the ideal fit for aesthetic applications, partly because they can be fit into nearly any setting.


The standout feature of unique cabinet lighting is how beautifully crafted it is. Most fixtures create hotspots or hard edges while in operation, and this can take away from the display’s aesthetic. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LEDs, though, are thoroughly tested before they are integrated into the fixtures themselves, so they are as consistent as can be. And with Phantom’s aiming trims and glare shields, the illumination can be delicately metered. The softer the illumination, the better it will look, as it will layer behind the display instead of taking over the space. In other words, it will still provide the contrast needed to help the display stand out, but because it is so evenly spread out and diffused along its edges, there’s no flaw for people to latch onto when observing the display. In short, it’s the kind of illumination that gets as close to perfect as possible, and will surely impress anyone who has a chance to see it in action.