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Many homeowners believe they can properly display a painting or other creative subject with nothing more than ambient fixtures, but custom art lighting fixtures can provide a much better look. It’s not enough to just see the subject, the fixtures have to make the subject stand out.

When the level of illumination in the room is even throughout, everything tends to flatten out, making even the most vivid pieces blend into the background. The purpose of quality art lighting fixtures using optical framing projectors is to inject enough contrast into the subject to make it “pop” off the wall.

Contour Projector really highlights artwork!

Custom art lighting can take many forms, from a simple mantel lamp to a highly sophisticated optical framing projector. Which fixture works best will depend on the subject’s composition, the dimensions of the display space, and how much ambient lighting is present. For most standard size wall hangings, a directional fixture like an eyeball lamp will work, though down recessed fixtures can provide a dramatic look that a lot of homeowners appreciate. Surface mount fixtures are another primary option. Track fixtures provide superior flexibility and can be used to display multiple subjects or create a variety of illumination patterns. An illumination designer can help a homeowner pick out the right fixtures, producing a unique solution for any space. This will ensure the artwork takes center stage.

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