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Custom cabinet lights have to be more than just bright. They have to fit perfectly into a display setting and blend into its aesthetic. Off the shelf and lower quality fixtures struggle with this, and they are usually only good for just blasting a space with illumination.

Without proper metering or color coordination, though, the fixtures will appear incongruous next to the display, possibly distracting people away from the real centerpiece in the room.


It should be no surprise that custom cabinet lights will only work if they are fitted to the display. Bookcases, shelves, and other pieces of display furniture come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, so the only way to secure a perfect fit is to measure out the placement area. Phantom will take these measurements, which are delivered by the installer, and produce a set of LED fixtures that match the dimensions closely. This ensures the installer can meter the illumination without incident. Of course, metering the fixtures will be much easier with Phantom’s aiming trims, which are designed to shape the illumination to the display area, keeping it from leaking out into the surrounding area.

The fixtures need to match the display’s color as well, and Phantom’s Elite and Ultra can be set to one of several color temperatures and monochromatic options. So, if a homeowner has a lot of paintings that feature warmer colors, Phantom can produce a set of fixtures similar to incandescent lamps. If a homeowner wants to show off silverware, cooler fixtures will work better. These are the things that Phantom takes into account before helping a homeowner choose the proper set of fixtures, and this attention to detail will ensure a homeowner isn’t stuck with a system they aren’t happy with.

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