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Phantom linear cove lights offer architects and builders a flexible and multifunctional tool of ceiling accent lighting. Far more efficient and sophisticated than cove rope lights, linear strips feature longer lamp life and a greater range of colour temperatures. Many are also fully dimmable and capable of supporting a choice of lamp types including the new 2800K LED festoon cove lights that can equal the color rendering capabilities of xenon bulbs.

We patented our CM series linear strip to function as a template for high-end cove lighting applications in custom homes, hospitality industries, and elegant commercial interiors. This linear strip light is engineered for maximum concealment and flexibility, and can be fitted to even the most challenging ceiling environments. This is because of two very important reasons. The first is physical size. Phantom cove lights are smaller and thinner than most competing luxury lighting fixtures on the market. They are also engineered to be custom cut to fit any radius bend up to a full 360 degrees. This allows them to be installed in challenging environments such as serpentine coves and vaulted dome ceilings.

Another excellent advantage that Phantom cove lights offer is energy savings without compromise of lighting quality. Far more attractive than fluorescent equivalents, they are nonetheless competitively efficient due to their low-voltage engineering design and their fully dimmable lighting control mechanisms. Even greater cost savings can be instantly generating by having these fixtures manufactured with new 2800K LED festoons—a light source equivalent to xenon in color rendering capability. We see more and more restaurants and hotels choosing LED to save on energy costs and buffer their overhead against a sluggish market.

Residential home builders also becoming more interested in LED cove lighting construction for the very same reason. A new home today can be furnished and decorated with superb aesthetics that cove lighting plays an active role enhancing. Indirect decorative motifs appear more colorful and clear under the additional layer of accent lighting they create—at a negligible operating cost. Homeowners who have already purchased cove lights consider upgrading the festoon lamps in their fixtures to both reduce their electrical bills now and add value in the form of energy savings on the list price of their home.

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