Custom Lighting System

Custom Lighting System For Fine Art

Lighting is an essential element of any environment. It’s particularly important for artwork. Many homes don’t have the right lighting to view artwork. This can cause damage to artworks, since certain colors and textures are easier to see when they are lit in the right light. People who are unable to see artwork properly due to inadequate lighting can also be affected. Specialized lighting can be beneficial for artwork-storing organizations.

Custom Lighting System

Custom Lighting System For Fine Art

What is customized lighting?

The lighting is specially designed to highlight details and colors in artwork. This lighting is usually located at your eye level to allow you to see the original colors and textures. If you’re looking to sell your house, the right lighting can create dramatic effects in any room.

Important importance of custom lighting in art:

Lighting is an important aspect in art collection and display. Lighting can improve the look and feel of an artwork by highlighting its strengths and masking its weaknesses. Your artwork’s value can be increased by choosing the right lighting and custom lighting system can help.

For dealers and appraisers who are trying to sell or appraise artworks accurately, lighting is an important aspect of art work. An incorrect type of light can cause irreparable damage to an artwork, so dealers and appraisers need to be able to correctly light the piece.

What are the advantages of using custom lighting to illuminate artwork?

There are many benefits to using specialized lighting in art creation. And Phantom Lighting is a custom lighting company.

Enhanced visibility of colors and details:

A custom lighting system can make artwork appear in a new way. This can be used to enhance your viewing experience. It is important that you look at artwork and feel it. This will allow you to appreciate art work more fully.

Display artworks more effectively

No matter if you have an office or a home, an art display is essential. Lighting can make a big difference in how your artwork is displayed. This will enable people to appreciate your work from far away.

A good lighting system can make it easier to appreciate art works more fully.

You can see colors, textures and details better when the lighting is right. It’s like looking through magnifying glasses at objects. Everything looks better.

Image quality improved:

Both too bright and too dim lighting can affect image quality. A proper lighting level will ensure that all details are visible without making colors look faded or washed-out.

Eye strain and fatigue are reduced, especially for sensitive eyes.

Eye fatigue is common when people view artworks in museums and galleries. This happens because the lighting system in these institutions often has too much or too little control over the levels of light. This can cause dizziness, headaches, and other signs of fatigue and eyestrain. These problems can be avoided by using specialized lighting to illuminate artwork. Most systems have precise control over the brightness levels in each room.

What are the things you should keep in mind when selecting a custom lighting system for your artwork?

These are some tips to remember when selecting custom lighting system for your artwork.

Temperature of lighting color:

Kelvin (K) is a measure of the color temperature of light. It refers to how much heat an object emits. Higher Kelvin numbers indicate more blue from the source of light, and lower Kelvin numbers indicate redder. A lower temperature lighting will produce a warmer glow. However, a higher temperature lighting will create a cooler, more white-blueish glow.

Lighting intensity:

The light intensity is a measure of how bright or dim an object appears. Low-intensity lighting is preferred by some people because it doesn’t cause eye strain and distract from artwork. Brighter lights are preferred by others because they enhance colors and contrast in paintings, sculptures and other visual art.


What size of your artwork will affect the type of lighting that you need. You don’t need to purchase new lighting if your artwork comes with its original light. If your artwork is larger or doesn’t come with its light, however, you will need to purchase specialized lighting.

Are you looking for specialized lighting to illuminate your artwork?

Phantom Lighting is a company that offers custom lighting systems for artwork. Phantom Lighting makes FRAMING PROJECTORS. Phantom Lighting’s competitors have an overhead projector that can display photos, but not framing projectors.

Others are more affordable and come pre-packaged and stock. We have wired custom Lighting. Some are made to order, but they can be quite expensive and will need the light source mounted on the artwork. Phantom Lighting framing projectors are a good alternative. They offer a controlled yet hidden light source and not just a fixture that is mounted to the artwork.

Phantom Lighting’s framing projectors can be used to illuminate photographs, drawings, prints and other art objects that are framed under glass. These projectors provide consistent illumination, without the shadows that can often be caused by an over-the frame light source. This uniform illumination ensures that every piece is displayed properly. Phantom Lighting’s framing projectors use LED technology to produce bright, crisp light that is free of Flickr. This creates a more enjoyable experience both for artists and visitors.

You can showcase your artwork with custom lighting systems. No matter if you’re looking for ambient lighting, or something more dramatic, knowing the right product placement and how to use it will allow you to achieve the look that you desire. Phantom Lighting offers a range of framing projectors which create an accurate, distortion-free projection of your artwork. This article will discuss the benefits of specialized lighting in artwork. Phantom Lighting is the ideal customized solution for art lovers who are very particular.