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High quality cabinet lighting products are intense, but can be controlled. They are flexible, but offer unmatched illumination quality.

Illuminating a display can be tricky, especially if there are oddly shaped items or items made from unique materials, but premium fixtures will do a much better job of showing off anything, from art to photography, from sports memorabilia to historical artifacts. That’s because illumination designers that offer premium fixtures are also willing to work with homeowners and put together a system that works for their house in particular.


Cabinet lighting products have one all-important goal. They have to make a display look better. Fitting the fixtures so that they offer even illumination and setting up aiming trims to block out stray illumination rays ensure an even look, which should be the goal. Even illumination prevents hotspots or dark spots, both of which negatively affect how the display appears. Phantom furthers this by installing metal glare shields and dimmer controls into its fixtures. The glare shields diffuse the illumination slightly and feather it out, while dimmer controls allow the homeowner to dictate the system’s output level, so if glare starts becoming an issue, the fixtures can be brought down some to dull it.

Phantom also offers color options and can even provide top-of-the-line projectors for special cases, like homes showing off artwork on top of or inside the cabinetry. There’s really no display that Phantom can’t improve with its fixtures, and once installed, a homeowner will wonder why they ever bothered with off the shelf fixtures in the past.

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