When designing cove lighting in homes, perhaps nothing is more important than picking the right fixtures for the job. Spaces that rely on precisely arranged display illumination need more than just basic fixtures off the shelves. They need a highly customizable solution that works with the space.Phantom’s xenon and LED strip fixtures are made for this purpose, and can be used in any room of any size or shape.

Why Consider Buying Lighting Direct From Manufacturers?

Phantom offers three primary strip fixture models, all of which are appropriate when designing cove lighting in homes. The Classic can be configured with incandescent or xenon fixtures, and are available in several wattage models. It is ideal for settings where an installer is looking for a warmer fixture. The Elite and Ultra both use LED technology as the focus of a highly efficient and reliable illumination system. The Elite emits 130 lumens of illumination output per linear foot, while the Ultra emits 200 lumens, or 400 lumens when uncoated. And as they only require 0.6 watts per fixture, they offer one of the best watt to lumen ratios in the industry. All three systems can be controlled with dimmers, glare shields, and aiming trims as well, and are both ETL approved and conform to UL standards. This technology can make a big impact in how a room looks and feels, and Phantom’s strip fixtures represent the best the technology has to offer.