With modern kitchen cabinet lighting, a homeowner can make the most inviting room in the home feel even warmer and cozier. No other room offers the same range of decorative possibilities, and high-end fixtures like Phantom Lighting’s Elite and Ultra systems can be customized to a great degree.In the hands of a talented designer and installer, like Phantom, LED strips can be custom built for any space and offer a cohesive fit.


Kitchen cabinet lighting comes in several forms, including models that are installed under, above, and inside cabinetry. Fixtures that are placed under shelving units are also known as task systems, as they provide function as well as form. Task fixture systems provide spot illumination for countertops, making it easier for people to prepare food and clean. Task fixtures, like most other LED strip systems, are designed to remain concealed.

Fixtures placed above shelving provide an extra layer of illumination that fills the space. Because they are installed close to the ceiling, the fixtures bounce light off the top of the room and illuminate the whole room. Fixtures placed inside shelving are ideal for displaying precious glassware or China, and ensure there are no dark spots.

For the most complete and sophisticated look, homeowners should consider all three systems for their kitchens. Phantom’s designers can bring these elements together into a cohesive whole and give the home’s hearth a brilliant, inviting feel.