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Display shelf lighting has an important job in the home. It has to offer enough illumination to catch attention, but not in a way that is annoying to observers. That’s a fine balance to strike, and it takes a versatile fixture to make it happen.

This is where Phantom’s fixtures truly shine, as they are designed for aesthetic applications and made with power and flexibility in mind. And because they are made specifically for aesthetic purposes, they are easy to conceal and can be positioned in one of several arrangements.


Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are the ideal display shelf lighting options, as they offer some of the most powerful fixtures on the market. In some settings, this power may be needed, but if something more subtle is required, Phantom’s dimmer controls will allow a homeowner to set the desired level of brightness. The Elite and Ultra are also built with glare shields that soften and spread the illumination in a diffuse pattern. This disguises where the illumination is coming from and also prevents any hard edges from appearing. So, instead of a gaudy spotlight effect, the fixtures will provide a warm glow that is much more inviting.

During installation, the fixtures are placed behind one of Phantom’s aiming trims, and these trims filter out some angles of illumination so only the cabinet is illuminated. It’s a beautiful effect that appears measured and put together. It’s the kind of look that even professional designers will envy.

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