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If a homeowner wants a fixture that is powerful, easily controlled and highly versatile, then flexible LED cabinet lighting should be the choice. Display furniture may not be a necessary part of the home, but it is important for decorative purposes. This décor is often what makes a home feel inviting and more personal.

However, it can be annoying getting display fixtures set up, and even more so when it’s time to adjust them to a new display. Fortunately, Phantom has an answer to this problem.


Phantom’s Elite and Ultra strips are the gold standard when it comes to flexible LED cabinet lighting. They consist of a concealable driver, a set of buss bars, brass anchoring screws, and brass contact pads. What’s missing is several feet of exposed wiring, and this is why the Elite and Ultra can be readjusted with furniture shelving.

The impact of adjustable fixtures cannot be overstated. They can be moved around with no technical expertise, so a homeowner doesn’t have to burn money hiring an electrician to help. They are also safer to operate and produce almost zero heat, so a homeowner can rest easy keeping them on around the clock. And with Phantom’s dimmer controls, they can be calibrated at the appropriate output level at all times of the day. There are many good reasons to opt for the Elite or Ultra strip fixtures, but what matters the most is that they will make your home look complete.

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