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Although tough, eliminating glare from art made or framed with glass is possible. It does take some careful planning and installing, along with fixtures that are flexible enough to customize, but with these in place, a lighting expert can mitigate nearly all of the annoying reflections. In general, the same principles that an expert would use with glass are the same that an expert would use with varnished paintings or other reflective surfaces. However, with reflective surfaces that are also transparent, the light can be scattered, so careful light positioning is essential.

In the picture to the right, the framed art is not illuminated by Phantom products, but was taken to show an example of how glare can affect a piece of art.

framed art has a glare on the glass

If eliminating the glare from art that comes with glass is the goal, then it starts with picking out the right fixtures. This can be tough for a homeowner to do on their own, but a lighting expert can make the process a lot easier. An expert may choose, for instance, to light the subject from either directly above or below, using a diffused light. Sculptures, in particular, can look striking if lit while sitting on a pedestal, but this clearly won’t work with subjects that are mounted to the wall.

A lighting expert may also use an optical framing projector to get the desired effect, and this can be a highly effective way to control reflections. That’s because projectors offer total control over positioning and aiming, so a lighting expert can pick a spot that will allow for the most control over reflections. With careful positioning, any reflections can be aimed toward the ceiling or floor, or off to the side, ensuring that they don’t bother anyone observing the subject from the front.

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