One of the primary goals of any creative display is eliminating glare from art with a gloss finish. Reflected light is an annoyance, and if it is not mitigated at all, it can effectively ruin a display. And as homeowners often spend thousands on their painting collections, failing to address light reflection is effectively wasting money. Countering reflections is something that an expert can do with minimal effort, as there are some simple methods to redirecting the beam away from an observer.

A lighting expert is well versed in eliminating glare from art with a gloss finish, as it’s an extremely common complication involved with lighting paintings. It’s so common because most fixtures, even aesthetic fixtures, are designed to be installed directly in front of the painting, and this means that the reflected beam will bounce right back in front of the painting, frustrating people standing in front of the artwork.

The reflected beam will bounce off the painting at the same angle the beam initially contacts the painting, so by offsetting a fixture and hitting it with light from the side, the reflected beam will bounce off to the opposite side and not straight on from the painting.

Phantom’s optical framing projectors are designed to be concealed and offset, so all the installer has to do is determine where the reflected beam would cause the least disruption, and place the projector in the appropriate spot. As a projector can be precisely aimed with its rotating ring and mounting cradle, it’s normally easy for an installer to find the ideal placement. By doing so, an installer can ensure people can enjoy the painting without dealing with harsh glare.

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