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Experts have access to a vast number of techniques for lighting artwork, but they all approach the job the same way. The purpose of these fixtures is to frame the subject with illumination; helping it stand out from its surroundings and making it appear more vivid while preserving its true colors.

Illuminating something as delicate as a painting or sculpture takes planning, as even the slightest mistake in the setup will produce a muddy or off-putting appearance. This is the reason art museums and galleries often enlist the help of illumination designers when setting up a new exhibit. One such technique that lighting professionals use are optical framing projectors.

Experts Use A Variety Of Techniques For Lighting Artwork

A homeowner can learn a lot reading up on common techniques for lighting artwork online. Eventually, though, the fixtures will have to be selected and placed, and this is when it can be helpful to visit museums or galleries to see how they do it. The right art illuminations need techniques that make a huge visual impact and turn any artwork into an exhibit. Many homeowners rely on the subject’s natural beauty to snag attention, but why make it harder than it has to be?An illumination design firm can also provide detailed guidance, and they often have showrooms where homeowners can see each fixture in action. However, every space is different, so it is best to test the fixtures before cutting out holes and installing them. During a test, pay attention to any frame shadows and how the illumination strikes the face of the painting.

If it’s the kind of look you want, consider bringing in a lighting professional to place and angle the fixtures correctly. They can also adjust the overall level of illumination in the room to help the subject stand out even more, helping your painting or sculpture get the attention it deserves.

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