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Looking for a fine art lighting specialist and don’t know where to start?  You need to find a professional lighting designer or lighting consultant that has years of hands on experience with all types of fine art lighting techniques. Lighting specialists can provide art lighting suggestions for a plethora of lighting fixtures that range from a simple over the picture light to a optical framing projector that offers precision control. With many options to chose from your art lighting specialist can point you in the right direction.

It’s always exciting setting up lighting for a new piece of art, but it’s best to plan out the project thoroughly before executing it to avoid mistakes. Art lighting fixtures range from under $100 for simple solutions to thousands for more sophisticated equipment. Your art lighting expert can help explain challenges with each lighting option.


Many homeowners don’t know where to start with display fixtures, but specialists in fine art lighting can step in and guide the process from the start. They can determine which fixtures will work best in the space, and show them off to a homeowner so that they know what to expect with the system. Once the fixtures have been selected, the designer will study the installation area to determine optimal placement.

The most common art recessed lighting fixture used is the LED adjustable accent light.  These low voltage accent lights utilize a MR16 lamp with various beam patterns and kelvin colors for accenting works of art. LED framing projectors offer three advantages over conventional art lighting techniques. First, they use a focused light source that can be shaped to fit the object creating a lighted from within look. Second, they are LED and not harmful to artwork. And finally, they come in both recessed and surface mount models.

For example, Phantom Lighting’s optical framing projectors produce a unique look that is aided with concealment. When working with a framing projector, the designer will look for a spot that provides excellent cover while preserving the best aiming angle. Installation will be comparatively quick and simple, and in a professional’s hands, it will be done flawlessly. And once a homeowner sees the end result, they will completely understand why a professional designer was the right choice.

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