There are plenty of bookshelf lighting ideas a homeowner can use to great effect. As long as a homeowner keeps them in mind when looking for fixtures, they will be able to secure the perfect look for any display.

Novels, magazines, comics and other texts are found in nearly every home, and they can provide a beautiful centerpiece if they are allowed to shine. Accomplishing that takes a set of well-built, premium fixtures that are capable of producing soft, warm illumination.


Why soft, warm illumination? Among the most important bookshelf lighting ideas is the concept of color balance. Most display cabinets that contain texts have a number of leather bound novels, and these novels are meant to look stately and sophisticated. Warm illumination can bring out the natural reds and browns in the leather, making it appear more vibrant. However, if the illumination is too focused, it may create glare that bounces off the texts. Instead, it’s better to pick a fixture that has built-in glare shields and is designed to be as flexible as possible.

Premium fixtures can normally be placed in one of several ways. They can be installed in front of, above, or even behind the texts, but a front position will usually look best. That’s because this position fills the space with soft illumination and makes the cabinet appear as if it’s glowing. It’s truly a sight to behold and can make any set of texts appear to be priceless artifacts.