With LED display lighting designed for figurine collections, it is possible to match the aesthetic of any type of presentation, from soft and elegant to bold and dramatic. It all just depends on how the fixtures are designed and arranged. People invest a great deal of time and money into their pieces, and most people have an emotional connection to them. Before long, they become something the owner takes pride in and wants to show off in a big way. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra diode fixtures can help with that.

When working with LED display lighting designed for figurine collections, the models’ style will determine how the fixtures should be arranged. For example, if the models are delicate pewter, fragile china dolls, or sculptures, it is best to use softer illumination, as this will complement their style. Soft illumination is more uniform, doesn’t cast harsh shadows, and ensures all parts of the figurine are visible. It also reduces the impact of reflections and glare, which may be a concern with some materials.

If the models consist of action figures, or are bold and brightly colored, the fixtures should be used to create dramatic spots of illumination. Distinct shadows can make the models look imposing, like they’re caught in the middle of an action scene. This look can be achieved by placing the fixtures close to the subject and below or above it. In fact, some people like to mount a favorite model on a pedestal and ring the pedestal with fixtures mounted in the platform’s base. The options are numerous, and there is a look out there for every set of figurines using diode fixtures.