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With cutting edge furniture lighting fixtures, a homeowner can present their most beloved parts of the home with beautifully measures illumination. Although this technology is normally seen inside display cabinetry and around shelving, it can also work behind items like headboards, desks, and other large items with an established spot.

High quality strip LEDs are Phantom’s technology of choice for these applications, and are preferred for many reasons. In short, they are a highly efficient, completely safe option that can be customized in many ways to create an individual look.


Furniture lighting fixtures are designed to frame what they are installed behind or around, using soft illumination. Phantom’s metal glare shields and aiming trims can help meter the illumination and prevent any hard edges from appearing. This helps the LEDs blend into the home’s aesthetic, though they retain their high intensity output, which will be necessary to help the LEDs stand out.

Color scheme is an essential component of an Illumination display, and if the LEDs don’t match color-wise with their surroundings, it’s going to produce a harsh look. Fortunately, Phantom’s LEDs can be set to produce a range of colors and color temperatures, so they can be matched with a display of nearly any composition or aesthetic. As homeowners often like to place this technology in multiple areas in the home, the additional flexibility is a major help, and a standout design feature among Phantom’s products.

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