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The right fine art illumination can make all the difference when striving for the perfect display setting. Homeowners spend thousands of dollars putting together a collection of prized paintings and other works, and galleries work tirelessly to maintain their spaces. With such major commitments, it only makes sense to show off each item with the best lighting available. This usually means installing an optical framing projector, as these fixtures are ideal for rendering color and helping a subject stand out.

Phantom’s optical framing projectors represent the most modern fine art illumination available on the market. Every projector is fitted with a powerful halogen light engine and unique lensing apparatus that only Phantom’s projectors come with. Halogen is considered the best lighting for displaying paintings and the like because it offers near perfect color rendering. This means the light shows the true color hues of the subject and maximizes contrast between individual hues in the piece.

An optical framing projector also creates a contrast between the edges of the subject and the wall it is mounted to. This is done by shaping the light as it leaves the projector, typically with a mask. This brightens up the subject while leaving the wall dimmer, essentially creating a spotlight, but without the harsh lines that spotlights often produce. The effect brings the subject out from the wall and helps it demand attention.

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