Focusing light to highlight art is always easier to do with an expert helping out, and help may be needed for a homeowner who isn’t technically inclined. Still, Phantom designs its optical framing projectors to be as intuitive as possible, so they are extremely flexible in trained hands.

This flexibility offers plenty of placement options, so a homeowner can get nearly any look they want in any room they want. With additional placement options, an installer can get rid of glare and ensure the fixture remains as inconspicuous as possible.


The trick to focusing light to highlight art is finding the right spot for the projector. Phantom’s projectors offer more positional flexibility than any other projector on the market, primarily because they are made with a unique lensing apparatus. The rotating ring and mounting cradle allow for complete horizontal and vertical aiming, but the lensing apparatus means the projector can offer multiple beam spreads as well. So, not only can the projector be offset to bounce glare away from most viewing angles, it can be set at one of several distances without loss of display quality. No matter where the projector is placed, it will produce zero spill illumination and create the high contrast, lighted from within effect that Phantom aims for.