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If a homeowner really wants to show off a cabinet, then interior display lighting is the superior choice. Of course, it’s not the furniture that is the centerpiece, but what is on show inside the furniture or on its shelving. Photos and books are common, as well as glass, artwork, and figurines. No matter the collection, though, high-quality fixtures will ensure there is enough illumination, and that it is directed properly.


Although recessed fixtures can provide a strong option for a cabinet, LED interior display lighting is usually the best choice, for several reasons. For one, LED fixtures are extremely safe because they produce almost no heat. So they can be placed close to a subject and won’t damage it, even if the subject is made from fragile materials or paper. Also, LED fixtures are reliable and long-lived, lasting several times longer than incandescent or fluorescent fixtures. In short, less maintenance and replacement is required. Finally, LED fixtures can be customized to produce one of several color temperatures, so if a homeowner has a lot of silver to show off, for example, the LEDs can be configured to produce cooler color hues.

This doesn’t come at a cost of power, either, as Phantom’s Elite and Ultra series of fixtures can provide more than enough illumination. And they can be pared back as well with dimmer controls. That way, a homeowner can get the exact look they want, no matter the time of day or presence of other illumination in the space.

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