Art illumination is done with lights of all kinds, and with so many fixture options available, a homeowner may feel lost when setting up a display. That’s okay, because fixtures aren’t made to be intuitive to most homeowners, and thankfully there are always experts willing to help out. If a homeowner wants a truly unique aesthetic, though, and one that most people are not going to dismiss right away, then they should consider an optical framing projector.  This sophisticated display technology is made just for paintings and sculptures, and can do special things with light.

Using Traditional Picture Lights Fo Illuminating Fine Art

Usually, art illumination is handled with lights that most people will recognize right away. Anyone who has been in a museum recently will know what a track fixture is, as well as a down recessed fixture. Most people, though, have never seen what an optical framing projector can do, but once they do, they’ll realize there is no better way to display paintings and other creative subjects.

Optical framing projectors are installed inside the ceiling, so there is little evidence that a fixture is even present. When switched on, a sharply focused halogen beam paints the subject with halogen illumination, and with either a pair of adjustable shutters or a metal slide, there is no spill. That means that the projector only aims at the subject, and not the wall it is mounted to. That may sound simple, but it creates a breathtaking effect that can best be described as a glow. It’s almost haunting in its beauty, and a flourish that is sure to generate conversation and compliments.