One great masterpiece deserves another, and framing projectors are indisputably the number one choice for illuminating fine art. Unsurpassed in delivering a sharp contour of the artwork on display, these cutting-edge devices ensure that magnificent paintings, riveting abstracts, and captivating sculptures are presented in the most flattering light possible.

The Phantom Contour line of framing projectors is the premier product available on the market today. With state-of-the-art technology, the brand demonstrates numerous advantages in both performance and value. Owners of Phantom Contour products are, for example, in complete control of the angle, brightness and strength of illumination. This allows them to achieve customized and exceedingly flexible lighting for their prized possessions.

Low-watt halogen lamps ensure the hanging (or standing) treasures are protected from possibly harmful ultraviolet rays, while emanating a museum-quality beam of light that lends an unprecedented majesty to the artwork on display. Unobtrusive and well-hidden, these fixtures are normally recessed into the ceiling and visible only to those who actively search for the light source that creates the “lighted from within” effect.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, these devices are remarkably easy to install for novice and expert alike. Professional assistance from an electrician is usually not needed, and Phantom lighting agents stand at the ready to guide consumers through the eight-step installation process if needed. Custom templates are provided for accurate measurements, and all needed accessories such as screws and clips are included in the package.

Phantom Contour products are fully customizable with dimmers, pattern gobos, offset housing, and adjustable shutters. In addition, the company was the first to introduce a “Remodel Housing” model that allows for between-floor installation without cuts to the ceiling.