Any venue that displays beautiful pieces of history or art can greatly benefit from gallery lighting. Decorative fixtures are unlike standard models in that they are primarily used to enhance the look of the subject. Incandescent or fluorescent bulbs are ideal for illuminating a room, but they do a poor job of representing colors in a painting, photograph or other work of art. To bring out the inner vividness in any piece, fixtures that output light across the spectrum should be used.

Phantom offers a number of halogen projectors that are perfect for gallery lighting. Each one produces illumination similar to the natural rays of the sun. Unlike the sun, though, Phantom’s projectors don’t bombard the work with harmful ultraviolet or infrared radiation. UV and infrared energy will cause the subject to deteriorate over time, so it must be filtered out of a light source. Phantom’s projectors do just that while also bathing the piece in neutral tones.

These projectors are mounted in the ceiling and keep a low profile. They only require a small aperture in the ceiling to function, so they are nearly impossible to see. Also, the projector can be calibrated so that it only illuminates the subject, and nothing else. This eliminates shadows and prevents the device from illuminating the wall behind the piece. What this means is an observer won’t be able to tell where the radiance is coming from. The effect is breathtaking, because it appears the subject is glowing, illuminated from within.

Phantom’s halogen projectors are easy to install and are compact enough to handle with ease. They are appropriate for any gallery setting, including art and history museums, private collections or a treasured piece above the mantle.