Museums and galleries have been lighting fine art for centuries, but designers are still finding novel ways to do it all the time. Now, homeowners that want to get maximum impact from their display will need fixtures that do more than just fill the space with illumination.

They will need a fixture that is customized to the subject. For this reason, optical framing projectors are becoming more and more popular. Projectors are made with the highest quality components and sources, and what’s more, these sources can be masked to fit a painting or sculpture perfectly.

Why Is Lighting Oil Paintings Different From Other Artwork?

Experts that specialize in lighting fine art will be able to use optical framing projectors with any subject, no matter its size, shape, or composition. If the subject is 30 feet long on one end, projectors can work with it. If the subject is a priceless oil painting that is centuries old, a projector is the safest option available.

These fixtures are typically mounted inside the ceiling and fire their beam through a small aperture that most people won’t notice. As the beam leaves the projector, it can be masked to any shape so that it emits in a precise pattern. Using this technique, the projector will not produce excess illumination that spills out from the subject’s boundaries. Instead, only the subject will be illuminated, producing a beautiful glow effect that no other fixtures can manage. It’s something that most people have never seen before, and that makes it a major step forward for display illumination.