Armed with some smart shelf lighting ideas, a homeowner and the installer can come up with a precise, beautiful look for a display. Although some houses contain free-standing shelving, most organize their displays inside cabinetry, which allows for additional fixture placement options.

No matter where the display is set, though, the aim is the same. The installer’s job is to ensure the display has even illumination and that there aren’t any distracting elements to the fixtures.


Illumination designers and fixture installers have a number of shelf lighting ideas at their disposal, but installing strip fixtures is the concept that is really catching on. There are several reasons for this. For one, it’s much easier to fit the fixtures into a display if the strips can be cut down to fit. Also, the strips can be run for long stretches, so if a homeowner has an oddly arranged display, strip fixtures are a great way to show it off properly.

Strip fixtures made with LEDs are better still, as they pair their excellent flexibility and power with an efficient, long-lived package. Of course, none of this matters if the fixtures can’t be configured to the display as it will look poor if the colors aren’t balanced, and if the fixtures aren’t concealed. Color balance is essential for bringing out the natural beauty of the displays interior. For example, natural white and cooler tones work better with a precious metal like Silver. And as long as the fixtures are out of sight, visitors will have a tough time pinpointing where the illumination is coming from. That may sound like a small thing to factor in, but as any lighting designer can attest to, it’s often the little things that make a display work.