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Locating the right art lights for your home is best done with expert help. Of course, it helps to know the basics of display illumination, but there are dozens of fixtures out there. Even though they may seem similar in specifications, a homeowner won’t know exactly how a fixture will perform until they have a chance to see it in person.

An illumination expert can help with that part of the process, relating their experience to the homeowner and selecting a fixture that works best for their needs.

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When locating art lights for a display, keep in mind that much of the decision will involve aesthetic preference. Do you need to conceal the fixture, or is it okay if it is visible? Do you want a spot effect, or are you looking for something a little more original? What is your subject made with and how old is it? Once a homeowner has the answers to these questions, they should consider consulting with an illumination designer to move the selection process along.

The benefit of bringing in an expert to help is that an expert will do the job right the first time. There won’t be any unnecessary holes cut in walls or ceilings, wasted wire run throughout the home, or lost time. An expert will be able to assess a setting’s limitations and strengths, and arrange the fixture accordingly. In effect, a homeowner will get the most out of their display with the help knowledgeable experts like those at Phantom Lighting.

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