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Lighting design, like many other industries, has come a long way with the advent of new technology and modern lighting fixtures. Older halogen light fixtures put out a lot of heat and therefore pose a variety of safety hazards, from burn risk to the potential for fire. Cutting-edge illumination technology is highly precise and versatile, but it’s not only the superior choice in terms of aesthetics, it is also much more efficient, safe, and reliable compared to older systems.

When we refer to modern lighting fixtures, we’re talking about those that use LED – at Phantom, we now offer LED options in all three of our product lines. LED lights are powerful, providing roughly 50,000 hours of lamp time, which is several times longer than the incandescent and xenon systems in our older products. LEDs are superbly efficient, so much so that they produce almost no radiant heat, and are much safer as a result. Because they can be attached to dimmer controls, they offer unparalleled power conservation as well.

An upgrade to modern lighting systems does not mean you’ll have to sacrifice customizability by any means. Phantom’s LEDs are customizable to a great extent, so they can be run to any length and can produce any color a homeowner would like to see. Our Elite and Ultra strip lights for cabinets and coves are available in a variety of Kelvin color temperatures to complement the design of any room in your home or business.

This highly flexible approach is also part of Phantom’s optical framing projectors, which are designed for use with artwork. Optical framing projectors make use of advanced lensing arrangements and masking attachments to shape a beam of illumination and get a unique glow-like effect. Our older model projectors employed a halogen lamp, which provided a great light source, but was not advanced in terms of efficiency. We now offer an LED conversion kit for our contour projectors, that is not simply a lamp change, but a major upgrade that improves light levels, energy efficiency and overall performance. The conversion process involves changing the electrical power supply, updating the optical system and installing a high output LED light engine for maintenance free operation. The unique tri-dimming driver is compatible with forward phase (MLV), reverse phase (ELV) and 0-10V dimming. LED conversion kits are now available for all our projector models including those with square or round housings, as well as surface mount models.

Whether you’re looking to install new modern lighting fixtures in your home or upgrade your existing halogen projectors to LED, Phantom is ready to help you craft a solution for your lighting design needs. Give us a call toll-free at 800-863-1184 to get started.

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