Locating the ideal lighting fixture is possible with factory assistance through a manufacturer like Phantom. The fact is, there are many illumination products on the market, and sifting through them all can feel like an endless task. Professionals don’t have time or need to put out the effort to go through every option, and should only have to consult with a manufacturer’s technical personnel to get the information they need. This is what makes Phantom a natural choice for designers and architects alike.

A lighting fixture, with factory assistance, can do much more than just illuminate a space. High quality, sophisticated illumination technologies are extremely versatile and robust enough to operate in many settings. Configuring them to do so, though, takes expert guidance.

Phantom’s technical experts, for example, can alter an LED or xenon strip so that it fits into a cabinet or cove perfectly. A technical expert can offer a number of masking options or lensing arrangements to a professional, each of which can finely shape a projector beam. A technical expert can offer one of several aiming trims to an installer, allowing them to control illumination inside a cabinet or cove. TransfoA Lighting Fixture Can Be Customized With Factory Assistancermer options, driver selection, color temperature choices – there are plenty of variables involved when putting together Phantom’s products, and its support experts can help an architect, designer, or any other illumination provider realize their project’s potential.

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