High-end light fixtures find their way into a lot of art displays, as they output the power and precision that creative subjects need to shine. Not all of these lamps behave the same way, but they are adept at bringing out the subject with interesting and contrasting illumination.

Perhaps the most important consideration is just how the lamps look, and a homeowner’s preference in this area will determine what is installed in the space.


There are a few types of high-end light fixtures that are regularly used for art displays. These include recessed and mount lamps, though they can be placed nearly anywhere. In general, most displays work best with ceiling recessed or mount lamps. Optical framing projectors, in particular, are a highly effective option due to their customizability and excellent power. Phantom’s projectors are usually recessed into the ceiling, though Phantom does offer a surface mount version as well. With one of four masking options, Phantom’s projectors can fire a shaped beam of halogen illumination that contours to any subject. Once seen, the effect is impressive and can provide a new look for any piece of art. It can also be used with paintings, sculptures or nearly any other subject, so there is no limit to what Phantom’s projectors can display.