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Few additions to the home can match cabinet lighting in terms of visual impact, and if the goal is to get attention for a beloved display, these fixtures are the way to go. Phantom’s fixtures are specifically made with display applications in mind, and so they have been built with maximum flexibility and capabilities. As such, they can be paired with nearly any type of display, no matter its composition.


In the home, cabinet lighting has a single, but important purpose. It must create a visual centerpiece in the room, drawing people to the display and providing the kind of inviting illumination that will encourage people to linger. It’s true that power is an important consideration, but if the fixtures cannot be controlled well, they will be a liability, no matter how much output they can create.

That’s why Phantom has engineered its Elite and Ultra LED fixtures to be as versatile as possible. Both the Elite and Ultra can be controlled with dimmers, positioned in one of several ways, and shaped using aiming trims. And because they use extremely efficient LED technology, they produce zero heat and are much safer than other illumination systems. Combine the safety, efficiency and versatility with the sheer power that comes with the Elite and Ultra, and you have a fixture with no significant weakness.

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