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Without low voltage cabinet lights from Phantom, a collection on display will not be able to reach its full potential. Whether its books, heirlooms, memorabilia or art on show, sleek LED fixtures can bring out the inner beauty in each subject. Phantom’s LED festoon lamps and strips are a popular choice for this purpose among designers and architects, for several reasons. For one, they are highly efficient, which reduces energy costs greatly. They are also highly customizable, and are measured to fit any piece of furniture.

Some homeowners settle for traditional incandescent bulbs for their display areas. This may seem like a natural choice, but it isn’t the best one if aesthetics and function are concerns. Low voltage cabinet lights designed by Phantom can be built for a range of color temperatures, from warm incandescent (2700K) to brilliant white (5000K). They can be easily hooked up to dimmer switches for variable brightness and, unlike standard bulbs, are premeasured to fit their space perfectly. A perfect fit ensures that the fixtures remain out of sight, and illuminate the subjects fully. Phantom offers a number of fixtures for this purpose, from under cabinet fixtures to adjustable devices perfect for display shelves.

Energy efficiency should also be a concern, because these fixtures are normally left on day and night. While most manufacturers produce an LED lamp capable of producing between 15 and 20 lumens with a 12V current, Phantom’s fixtures produce about 45 lumens with the same amount of energy. The extra lumens per watt and lumens per volt means every last drop of power is being squeezed from the electrical current. This cuts energy costs and ensures better illumination quality.

A precious collection is a treasure trove of happy memories, harkening back to the best moments of a person’s life. These items should be given the esteem they deserve with premium low voltage cabinet lights.

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