Under cabinet LED lights are quickly growing in popularity, prized for the accent illumination they can add to any space. For decades, homeowners relied on fluorescent or incandescent fixtures to provide an extra source of task illumination, but these technologies have their limits.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra Task Lighting (TL) series surpass fluorescent and incandescent fixtures in every way, providing the same beautiful radiance while maintaining excellent efficiency and power.


How are under cabinet LED lights commonly used?

More than any other room, perhaps, the kitchen needs warm illumination. This is where families often gather and spend ample time. Poor illumination can make it difficult to see while prepping and cooking. Phantom’s TL strips can awaken a drab kitchen and infuse sophistication and intimacy into the space. The TL series often provides enough illumination to eliminate the need for glaring, overwhelming ceiling mounted fixtures.

Phantom’s diode strips are typically installed right above countertops so they can provide extra illumination for mixing, slicing, seasoning, or other cooking needs. Garages, offices, and work benches are also ideal spots for Phantom’s TL series task lights. Here, they can provide enough illumination for a person to tinker or get work done without having to rely on shadows created by ceiling mounted fixtures.

Why are Phantom’s under cabinet LED lights the best choice?

Phantom offers two series of task lighting led strips, the Elite and the Ultra. The Elite provides 130 lumens of output per linear foot (at 3.5watts a foot), and the Ultra provides 200 lumens of power per linear foot (at 4.7 watts per foot). This superior watt to lumen ratio makes Phantom’s diode strips among the most powerful on the market. Diode strips can also be attached to dimmers so the homeowner can get just the right amount of illumination at any time of the day.

Diode technology has been greatly improved in the last 20 years and now produces much less heat than incandescent or fluorescent fixtures. Less radiant heat means less waste and better temperature control. While diode fixtures may be more of an investment upfront, they cost much less to operate and last longer than other fixtures, even up to twice as long in some cases.

Phantom’s TL (task light) fixtures are compatible with 24V DC power sources and are perfect for larger homes and commercial buildings. Extended run length of 40 linear feet for the Elite series and 30 linear feet for the Ultra series means less connection points and fewer issues related to wiring.

Finally, several companies offer diode strips, but not all of them are as selective as Phantom when it comes to quality. The diode manufacturing or binning process is difficult to control, resulting in subtle variations in color temperature and output, even among fixtures from the same manufacturing run. Phantom only buys from manufacturers that employ strict binning standards, ensuring that every fixture looks and feels the same.

With their reliable craftsmanship and versatility, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are perfect for any task illumination application.