Phantom’s cove lighting design combines the best lamps on the market with the flexibility that installers look for. These fixtures are used to fill out a space with subtle, warm illumination that enhances the feel of a room. Unlike ceiling-mounted direct fixtures, these lamps produce diffuse radiance that looks like a soft glow.

Phantom’s sophisticated lamps and metal glare shields maintain this effect and prevent ugly shadows or unsightly fixtures from distracting from the look.


However, premium lamps are only one part of the equation. Phantom’s LED strip fixtures are made to fit into any space, something that most brands fail to replicate. Unlike most companies, which produce their fixtures to standard sizes and shapes, Phantom works with the installer directly before and during installation. The installer will provide Phantom with the exact dimensions of the installation space and Phantom will use these measurements to create a cove lighting design that fits perfectly. Phantom’s strip fixtures can be integrated into nearly any architectural feature, from sharp right angles to odd, irregular curves.

While incandescent and xenon illumination technology can be used in Phantom’s strip fixtures, its LED lamps are the most efficient available. These lamps are so efficient, in fact, that they can produce about twice as much illumination as competing fixtures while using less power. Also, Phantom wires all of its strip fixtures in parallel, so if one lamp goes out, it won’t take out the rest of the lamps. Instead, the bulb can be easily replaced by anyone, regardless of technical skill.