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It may not seem immediately apparent how designing cove lighting solutions for a home can help a room’s look, but the impact can be amazing. Upscale homes have a number of architectural features, and these provide ample room for installing smartly placed fixtures.

When placed correctly, these fixtures subtly define the space and create a warm, colorful atmosphere. With Phantom’s Elite and Ultra series of concealable fixtures, the space will also appear more sophisticated and more carefully put together.

How Can Designing Cove Lighting Solutions Impact A Home?

When designing cove lighting solutions, the goal is to find a spot near the ceiling where concealed fixtures can go. Usually, the strips are placed on top of or inside an architectural feature, like molding, which provides a hidden ledge. When switched on, the fixtures will create a small, soft border of illumination around the room that will fade gently as it moves toward the center of the ceiling and down the walls. It’s a dynamic effect that can play with a person’s sense of space, making the room feel larger than it really is.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures use LED lamps to create their powerful, precisely metered illumination. LED fixtures are the gold standard for many types of esthetic illumination as they operate at an extremely high level of efficiency and can be customized to emit a range of colors. Phantom’s fixtures, for example, can be set to emit green, blue, red, amber or pink, as well as a range of color temperatures. This makes color coordination a cinch and ensures an aesthetically cohesive look.

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