Lighting submittals are essential documents that serve as a frame of reference for illumination designers, system providers and architects. They outline the technical details of an illumination product and allow other professionals to assess the product’s capabilities. In effect, illumination product manufacturers use these as a bid on a project, and package the bid along with cut sheets and other reference information for consideration.

Before an architect or designer can finalize a project, they need to have fixtures selected for the space. Thorough planning ahead of time ensures the building owner gets exactly what they are looking for in terms of look and feel, so it is considered an essential part of the process. Lighting submittals speed the process along and give professionals all the information they need to make an informed decision.

For example, Phantom includes detailed cut sheets with its submittals, and these provide schematic diagrams, along with other reference illustrations, specifications and features, photometric data, and customization options. Photometric data, in particular, is helpful for professionals to gauge the capabilities of a fixture. It outlines how the fixture’s beam spreads at different placement distances. Using this information, a designer can sketch out fixture placement and ensure the installation process is executed seamlessly. There are many steps to getting that perfect aesthetic of the illumination system, but none is more important than bidding and planning.

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