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Recessed art projectors give homeowners the perfect combination of discreetness and quality lighting. To a homeowner, it may seem like the better the fixture quality, the bigger and bulkier it is. And, of course, a large, obtrusive light will distract from what is actually being displayed. This is only true to an extent, though, as optical framing technology can be perfectly assimilated into any setting and create the dynamic lighting display that homeowners expect.

Why are recessed art projectors so easy to fit into a display?

Four of the five optical framing fixtures that Phantom Lighting offers are designed to be installed inside the ceiling. They are built with compact aluminum housing that ensures a snug fit, and the lamp itself only needs a small aperture to produce its effect. A basic cover plate is fitted around this aperture, and can be installed flush with the ceiling and painted the same color to promote a near invisible appearance. In general, people will not notice where the fixture is installed, especially once the beam is masked properly.

Also disguising the fixture’s location is clever positioning, as recessed art projectors can be placed nearly anywhere in a room and deliver the same quality lighting. Most display fixtures only offer limited directional capabilities, so they must be placed in certain areas. Optical framing fixtures are built with a rotating ring and a mounting cradle that allow for 360 degree horizontal aiming, and vertical aiming up to 55 degrees. Couple this with a proprietary lensing apparatus that can be configured at different distance settings, and the fixture can always be placed in an area where people won’t be looking for it. This includes extremely offset placements, like to the side, or high above the subject, in rooms with high ceilings. An ancillary benefit to this approach is eliminating glare, as any reflected light will bounce off in the opposite direction the fixture is aimed from.

It’s worth noting, even Phantom’s Surface Mount fixture, which is placed on a surface and not installed inside the ceiling, can be concealed behind or on top of something, and provide the desired lighting effect. In rooms where there are architectural features or furniture to hide the fixture behind, a homeowner can save money and time with the Surface Mount option.

What kinds of lighting effects can recessed art projectors offer?

Optical framing fixtures are aptly named because they can frame the subject with light, as long as they are configured properly. This is done with a masking attachment placed on the front of the fixture. Phantom offers several masking attachment options, including a set of adjustable shutters or a metal slide. Either option can precisely tailor the light to the edges of the subject, making it appear as if it is being lit from within, which is something no other light can do.

Optical framing fixtures are the pinnacle of display lighting technology, but what makes them a real marvel is how they can fit anywhere.

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