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By highlighting art with optical framing projectors, a homeowner can get the kind of look that is normally only seen in museums and galleries. In the past, displaying paintings and sculptures meant blowing up an entire wall with illumination, as this was once the only way to establish a centerpiece in a display.

Modern technology, though, makes it possible to get rid of the excess illumination and only brighten up the subject, producing staggering contrast between the piece and its surroundings.


There are significant benefits to highlighting art with optical framing projectors. First, the focused light can be shaped to fit the exact contour of the art using adjustable shutters or hand cut templates..  This produces a “lighted from within” appearance that is very unique since there is not light on the wall around the artwork.  Secondly, they are powered by LED light, which is largely considered to be the best at rendering color, so it can bring out all of the subtle features in a painting. And, finally unlike incandescent and frame mounted installations, shaped illumination cannot damage the painting with heat or radiation. This will preserve the subject for as long as possible, extending its life for many more years.

Homeowners invest a lot of time and money in their collections, so it makes sense to use the most sophisticated illumination technology available. Shaped illumination is that technology, and Phantom Lighting can make it work for your collection.

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