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Premium closet lighting is not just about improving how a wardrobe looks when it is on the rack. It can also help someone ensure their outfit matches and is put together nicely, and can help keep the room organized. That may sound like a lot, but poor illumination is a common problem in these spaces, and it leads to poor wardrobe choices and difficulty seeing. Natural illumination is rarely available as well, so it is up to the room’s fixtures to provide visibility. It makes sense, then, to pick out fixtures that are reliable, powerful, and aesthetically pleasing.

Aesthetics are subjective, but most homeowners agree that high-end closet lighting needs to be easily concealed and arranged for maximum impact. That’s why Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED strips are designed to be tucked behind a shelf or cabinet trim, blocking the fixtures from view, but not their beautifully measured illumination. Concealing the fixtures creates a subtle effect that provides excellent visibility without distracting someone or annoying them with too much illumination.

The Elite and Ultra fixtures are also highly customizable, and can be set to produce the kind of illumination that renders color well. And with dimmer controls, a homeowner can select the brightness level that best fits the space. Most importantly, anyone who picks an outfit in a room illuminated by Phantom’s fixtures will walk out looking put together.

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