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Lighting can make a significant impact on the decorative style of any room in the house. Under cabinet task lighting is a reasonably priced, relatively easy to install method for adding a modern look to any area. It can be diffused to create atmosphere, or brightened to highlight curios, or simply used to add a festive feeling to the home. For anyone tired of traditional incandescent lighting, hidden task strips are an obvious solution.

Phantom offers two LED task lighting systems:

Elite Task Lighting SeriesUltra Task Lighting Series

task lighting illuminates a coffee bar in a residential kitchen

Under cabinet task lighting options from Phantom Lighting present excellent fixtures that act both as decorative and functional solutions for almost any room in your home or business. This type of lighting provides an appealing ambiance, a soft glow that interior designers love to use as a way to enhance a room. Since the lights can be programmed or work off of a dimmer switch, the illumination can be adjusted to fit mood and circumstance.

Lighting under cabinets is a lovely way to bring another level of beauty and dimension to any room, particularly the following:

  1. Kitchens – Task lighting is most often installed under kitchen cabinetry to illuminate the countertops below. This not only provides a beautiful accent light source to the room, but adds functionality to the countertops for preparing food and cleaning surfaces.
  2. Garage Workspaces – Most garage workspaces feature fluorescent lighting under the cabinets, if any lighting besides the overhead fixtures is present at all. With LED under-cabinet lighting, achieve the proper light levels for any technical or mechanical project without the unsettling flickering of a fluorescent bulb.
  3. Home and Professional Offices – Both residential and professional offices alike can be greatly enhanced by under-cabinet lighting systems. The right level of light for working on paper or on the computer can be evenly distributed across your desk without the shadows created by overhead lights or the insufficient light of a lamp.
  4. Walk-in Closets – The right combination of under-cabinet and shelf lighting systems can make any walk-in closet look like a high-end retail display. Eliminate distracting shadows on your shoes or handbags and jewelry/accessory drawers with under-cabinet lighting on your closet fixtures.
  5. Butlers’ Pantries & Cocktail Bars – Similar to the enhancements that can be made in a kitchen, an under-cabinet lighting system in a butler’s pantry or residential cocktail bar greatly improves the both the aesthetic of the room and function of the counters. Coupled with our adjustable cabinet lighting series, your China display, silver collection, or bar glassware will look like it belongs in a museum.

The team at Phantom Lighting would be happy to help you come up with a plan to enhance your home or business with under-cabinet LED lighting systems, just give us a call toll-free at 800-863-1184 or fill out our online request form.

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