When adding decorative light to a room, concealment is the key and something Phantom considers in its valance lighting techniques. Valences make the perfect platform for custom made strip fixtures as they can provide this concealment easily. In fact, placing the fixture on top of the overhang is all that is usually necessary to conceal it. There is more to the installation, however than just placing the fixture on top of the overhang and plugging it in. To ensure the best look and fit, the size of the room, the design of the fixtures, and the homeowner’s preferences all have to be taken into account.

How are Phantom’s cove lighting and valance lighting techniques similar?

No matter where the fixtures are placed, the principles behind their design and setup are generally the same. Whether installed around a cabinet, in a cove, near the ceiling, or on top of an overhang, Phantom’s Classic, Elite and Ultra strip fixtures are the superior choice.

These forms of illumination are primarily decorative and are meant to act as subtle accents in the room. They can provide additional color, extra warmth, or a touch of light that creates a cozier feel. Direct illumination is limited at evoking these feelings, which is why concealment is so important when setting up the fixtures.

How do Phantom’s valance lighting techniques ensure a beautiful look?

There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution when it comes to setting up illumination. Fixtures that cannot be modified or customized to every setting will be a liability during installation as the installer will have to work around them instead of molding them to the space. Phantom’s strip fixtures are designed to be as flexible as possible and are custom made for every job. Prior to placement, the installer will provide Phantom with the details of the installation. In response, Phantom will build every strip fixture to an exact set of dimensions. This ensures a perfect fit on the overhang, which makes concealment and metering the illumination much easier.

Phantom’s strip fixtures are made from premium materials and the highest quality lamps in the industry. Unlike direct fixtures, which are designed to produce a concentrated beam of radiance, Phantom’s strip fixtures are intentionally designed to provide soft, diffused light.

Any homeowner who wants a little more sophistication or cohesion in their home will find these fixtures to be an ideal solution. With their beautiful illumination, ease of installation, efficiency and reliability, Phantom’s strip fixtures are a favored choice among homeowners and professionals alike.