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The trick to lighting shelves effectively is to get perfectly even coverage. If there are any flaws in how the fixtures are set up or built, it will be apparent right away, and most homeowners will find the look unacceptable. This is a common problem with cheap, off the shelf fixtures that cannot be customized to the display. Instead, homeowners should consider a targeted solution produced by an illumination designer. This will ensure all components of the display are taken into account when selecting and installing fixtures.

lighting shelves

Phantom’s xenon and LED strip fixture are perfect for lighting shelves effectively, as they can be precisely customized to any display. Specifically, Phantom can produce a set of strip fixtures to any set of dimensions, which are normally provided by the installer. And with Phantom’s aiming trims, which conceal the fixture and direct illumination, that perfect even look is completely attainable.

Strip fixtures are installed close to the display, which may alarm some homeowners. After all, won’t the heat ruin any paper or photos placed inside the cabinetry? Maybe with incandescent or fluorescent fixtures, but Phantom’s LED fixtures are extremely efficient, so not only do they last longer and require less power, but they also emit close to zero heat. This makes Phantom’s strip fixtures are the ultimate choice in safe, beautiful display illumination.

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