Customized art lighting is a must when trying to display an oversized or uniquely designed piece of art. This may be anything from an unusually tall or wide painting, to a one-of-a-kind statue.

Most installers are willing to settle for inferior track or mounted fixtures, but contour projectors can provide the same strength of illumination with none of the distracting spill or shadows. Contour projectors are also extremely versatile and simple to install in nearly any setting.


Track, recessed and mounted fixtures are difficult to meter and control, so they often fill a space up with too much illumination, or poorly directed illumination. This will lead to hotspots or the subject appearing washed out and flat. Customized art lighting in the form of Phantom’s contour projectors does not have this problem. Installed in the ceiling and masked to the subject, the light only strikes the face of the piece, leaving the surrounding area free of harsh radiance. This is most helpful with challenging sizes or shapes, as single or multiple projectors working in tandem can focus on the subject flawlessly. Why trust that beloved work of art to anyone other than Phantom Lighting? When you want to brilliantly display a piece without distraction, don’t settle for less than the best.