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“I have two small paintings on a wall in my home that I want to light. I have seen lighting fixtures in several magazines that illuminate multiple objects from one light. Will the Phantom Contour Projector do this or can you recommend a fixture that can?”

The ability to illuminate two paintings, a grouping of paintings, or irregularly shaped objects from one optical framing projector is one of the main features of the Phantom Contour Projector.

By simply cutting several openings in the brass slide you can selectively mask the light to illuminate only the art without spilling light on the wall around and between the pieces. The effect gives the art a lit-from-within look, as if they were floating on the wall.

We also have a shutter method for illuminating single paintings, tapestries, and furniture.

A hand-cut brass template with two holes for lighting multiple works of art with the same projector

Phantom Contour Projectors are extremely easy to install compared to other optical framing projectors on the market. See for yourself how our optical framing projector compares against the competition. Regardless of your situation, we have a housing and solution to meet your fine art lighting needs. In fact, we have the only remodeler housing on the market, which means you can install the light without having to patch or paint the ceiling!

For more information regarding our lighting products please contact a lighting representative in your area or call us toll-free at 800-863-1184. Lighting is our passion and we specialize in illuminating fine art!

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