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As more and more home and business owners realize the perks of diode technology, illuminating adjustable shelving with LED lights will continue to grow in popularity. It took a while for experts to seriously consider diode fixtures in their displays, but the technology has made huge advances in just a couple decades.

Now, led lights offers comparable, even superior, output versus incandescent, fluorescent and other standard fixtures. And it does this while offering the best efficiency on the market and an extended lifespan. A longer lifespan should be of particular interest to shop owners, who often dread bringing in maintenance crews to change a single fixture.

led lights

The primary reason why illuminating adjustable shelving with LED lights makes sense is because Phantom’s diode fixtures offer optimal flexibility. And it’s not just arrangement flexibility that is a major point in the Elite and Ultra’s favor. Both models are also available in several color temperature and monochromatic options, which open up many more display options. The Elite and Ultra can also be attached to dimmer controls that allow for fine control over output levels, multiplying the number of looks a single display setup can bring to a space.

And because diode fixtures are so efficient, it isn’t a big deal if they are left on around the clock. They won’t drain a lot of power and they’ll still outlive most other fixtures, even if left on at night. It’s all about ease of use with the Elite and Ultra, which will be a breath of fresh air to people used to the overly complex installation and operation methods most fixture manufacturers rely on.

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